Olga Ibarra (651 FM 1317 Tahoka) is a shameless liar,her husband name is Domingo  Ibarra ,because our company refused to sell her more pills from August ,now she told people our company  sell fake pills.In fact all the pills she sold before August are from our company´╝ü


Our company is the authorized distributor of the  original factory kmdalipharm since 2010, anybody can contact with the factory to see if it is true!

The factory website is 


The factory has confirmed with us she didn't order any original pills after August, ,the pills she is going to sell after August are 100% fake!


Now Nelly Ibarra (Lubbock Texas) and Olga Ibarra are on the blacklist of  original

Jadera factory kmdalipharm .The factory demands us stop selling them more 

pills from September 2016.The pills they sold before August are original, but the pills they are going to sell after September  are 100% fake !

Anybody can contact with the factory kmdalipharm to confirm if it is true!